a custom handbag . The outer layer of the

a custom handbag . The outer layer of the

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Classic handbags are the bags that every woman needs in the 21st century. From grocery shopping, going to class, going to the gym and meeting friends, this shopping bag is the right size to hold everything you need.

17. This shoulder bag is simple and generous in design. The cowhide material makes this handbag more wear-resistant and sturdy, with exquisite workmanship and tight stitching, making the bag more stylish and not easy to deform. Individual freestanding bag mouth is more convenient and smooth to use, and can be classified to place some important items, very considerate, the real strength and appearance coexist!

Years ago, Herm 猫 s allowed valued customers of customized bags to choose any color and combination of colors, but as demand grew, Herm 猫 s had to limit options. Today, most VIP guests can only choose up to two colors for a custom handbag. The outer layer of the handbag can be used in two colors, or one color on the inside and outside, and the stitches can be the same or completely different from the leather.

In life, a bag is an indispensable matching item for every woman, whether it is traveling or shopping. The collocation of the bag also plays a vital role in the whole body shape, and the style of the bag collocation and coat should be inversely proportional to the style of the coat, the more advanced the coat is, the lower the bag will be, so that the effect will not be exaggerated, otherwise the effect will only be counterproductive. Here are the black handbags for you. How to match them?

Such as pink, red, yellow, orange, bright and generous, but may not be friendly to fair-skinned people, darker skin can try to wear a red coat with a rose gold belt or a bright red handbag. Short skirt or long skirt? If a short skirt can choose a bright t-shirt with denim braces or small black pants, a long skirt can be paired with v-collar yoga pants or boots, or a long skirt, if it is too long, it can be paired with a small white shoe, sneakers, small leather shoes and so on. The third is the choice of bags, luxury bags, such as some luxury bags can try, if the economic conditions are better, you can choose minority handmade leather bags, such as geometric bags, rattan bags and so on. And the handbag is more flexible in the choice, you can choose the fashionable and leisure handbag, you can also choose the tote bag, you can also choose the neutral style handbag,

If you want to invest in a big-name handbag for yourself this spring and summer, in addition to considering practicality, it is also important whether the bag has the blessing of classic elements. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of money on a bag that is easy to be out of season, right?

a custom handbag . The outer layer of the

It is recommended to choose a color that complements the color of the dress when choosing the handbag. If the dress is relatively quiet as a whole, you can choose the more expensive handbag with diamonds or gold; on the contrary, if the dress and makeup are already exaggerated and complex, the choice of bags should be as monotonous as possible. Finally, if you go with a dress, the bag must be smaller.

MCM used to be a German brand, with German work style, craftsman spirit, very anti-manufacturing quality, very good feel, it was very popular in the 1980s, many TV dramas and electric performances will appear small bee-like LOGE bags, suitcases, handbags, satchels and so on, often appear on the screen, very popular.

Because Chanel can definitely be called a “lover”, when designing the classic 2.55 chain diamond handbag, she skillfully designed a hidden zipper sandwich inside the bag to hold the love letter “love letter bag”. (it is also quite for the sake of the female compatriots, ha)

When attending some dinner parties, royal women also like to carry handbags. Letizia likes to match a long handbag at various royal banquets in gorgeous clothes, highlighting a sense of delicacy and splendor.