through sexual contact and through hands, eyes, towel s, clothing, bath utensils,

through sexual contact and through hands, eyes, towel s, clothing, bath utensils,

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Comb your hair before shampoo, wash your hair and dry it with a soft towel. When using a hair dryer, dry the scalp at a low temperature and dry your hair with a cold air. On weekdays, try to let your hair down, always wearing a ponytail, it is easy to cause hair root loosening, leading to hair loss, hair line moving up.

The other is material protection, the company provides us with good logistical support, such as washbasins, towels, shampoo, etc., and the property association will give us protective clothing, masks, goggles, headgear and so on later, and will do professional training. We will certainly strictly do a good job of protection to ensure our own safety.

6. More nursing care should be strengthened for cattle with high fever, and special care should be provided, especially for seriously ill cattle. Body temperature should be taken twice every morning and afternoon to grasp the changes of fever type and body temperature of diseased cattle, and make good medical records. Sick cattle after fever are often accompanied by a lot of sweating and should be dried in time with a clean towel. Pay attention to observation to prevent collapse and sudden drop in body temperature of diseased cattle. Especially when the weather is windy or rainy in summer and autumn and the temperature drops at night, it is necessary to take good heat preservation measures to prevent sick cattle from getting worse because of colds and colds, so as to prevent cattle from getting sick again.

10. Wet towels are paved, stand on one end, slowly receive the towels with your toes, and then spread them out with your feet in reverse. You can play with several children and exercise your sense of touch and balance

Mycoplasma and chlamydia can be transmitted through sexual contact and through hands, eyes, towels, clothing, bath utensils, toilet utensils and swimming pools. Having sex with many people, the man has urethritis, poor hygiene habits and so on are easy to be infected. Therefore, the key to prevent infection is to keep yourself clean and do a good job in personal health care.