cold water, cover the body with wet towel s, blow with an

cold water, cover the body with wet towel s, blow with an

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Beriberi is caused by fungal infection, which may be due to sweating more, shoes and socks are not washed frequently, and the warm and humid environment in the shoes is more suitable for fungal growth, so that fungi are easy to erode the skin of the feet and produce fungal infectious dermatosis-beriberi. It can also be caused by cross-infection, such as sharing slippers, sharing a bathtub, sharing a foot wash basin, sharing foot towels, or swimming in a swimming pool.

(3) parents should gradually develop the good habit of sleeping quietly alone. Children who sleep alone from an early age will automatically fall asleep quietly, preparing for an independent siesta after entering kindergarten. It is easy to make noise before going to bed to find a reason. Some children like to hold their favorite toys or small towels, sniff the small quilt head to sleep, this is a very normal phenomenon, just let nature take its course.

Thermos, water cups, towels, etc., no matter what things must be placed in the designated position, including drawers, cabinets, items must be placed neatly, do not put any items that have nothing to do with work, otherwise you will find one hundred at a time!

The bathroom with reasonable layout should be divided into dry area and non-dry area. Non-dry area is not conducive to storage, even in the dry area, if you want to store toilet paper, towels, bath towels and other moisture-prone items for a long time, you must use storage cabinets with good moisture insulation to avoid moisture and make sure they are free of moisture when they are taken out and used.

– Remove from the heat and place on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

(3) wipe the bath with cold water, cover the body with wet towels, blow with an electric fan, or put an ice bag on the head to cool down, and give the patient oral brine in time, and in serious cases, send him to the hospital for treatment.

As a lesbian, Zhou Qing did not flinch in the face of the epidemic. Zhou Qing actively signed up to take part in the prevention and control of the epidemic. As a member of logistics support, she is careful to provide reasonable food for staff and spectators to meet the needs of various tastes; she is careful in the protection of protective materials, from medical supplies, protective clothing, goggles, masks, alcohol, disinfectant, to daily necessities towels, plastic bags, toothpaste, toothbrushes, as long as it is reasonable, she can try her best to meet the needs of people who keep opinions. She devoted herself to her work with “heart” and moved everyone with “affection” to create the most solid logistical support for retaining opinions.