you may need cash on the surrounding beach , so be prepared

you may need cash on the surrounding beach , so be prepared

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If you are in the sun in Sanya, you have to bring sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses and umbrellas. Everything that can protect against the sun can be prepared in advance, such as swimming suits, swimming trunks, slippers, towels and so on. You have to bring enough cash, and you may need cash on the surrounding beach, so be prepared to order your ID card, student ID card and other important documents and remember to bring

The beach and lawn opposite the Zhaoshan Scenic spot are so vast that it can accommodate thousands of people to camp and have picnics at the same time. In fact, this is a comprehensive play center. In addition to camping and picnics, you can also fly kites, play with sand, enjoy cauliflower, barbecue, bonfire party, hiking, biking, parent-child activities, photography and so on.

For those who prefer a bohemian vibe, Shein offers a range of shoulder bags with woven details or fringe embellishments. These bags exude a carefree and laid-back aura, making them ideal for music festivals or beach getaways. Pair them with your favorite flowy dresses or denim shorts for a boho-chic look. The earthy tones, such as mustard yellow, olive green, or terracotta, perfectly enhance the hippie-inspired aesthetics.

Another outstanding feature of beach bags with flat bottoms is their ergonomic design, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for the user. Equipped with padded handles or shoulder straps, these bags are optimally balanced to distribute the weight evenly, preventing strain on your shoulders or palms. Moreover, some models include additional features like built-in coolers or insulated compartments to keep drinks and snacks refreshingly chilled throughout the day.

The scenic spots in the amorous feelings area are mainly expected to be sea pavilions, fishing centers, Dongbin pavilions, marine life pavilions, etc., and open up projects such as speedboat sea sightseeing tours, beach treading waves, clam dancing, seafood picnics, seaside amusement, and so on, focusing on the characteristics of fishing ports. so that Chinese and foreign tourists enjoy the strong heritage of “sea culture” and “fishing culture”.

2. Beach Babe: