and trousers with dark blue handbag s, it will not be very beautiful. At this

and trousers with dark blue handbag s, it will not be very beautiful. At this

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When I came to the front of Zhang Zetian, I saw that she was playing with her mobile phone attentively, and the white handbag hanging on her wrist was very bright, which formed a sharp contrast with the black handbag. After the addition of the white handbag, the black dull feeling was broken, and the pony hanging decoration on the side made it more attractive to wear and build as a whole. Under the bag, there were four metal feet to facilitate the soft bag to stand firm at the same time. It can also play a protective role.

Bulgari is a world-renowned luxury brand, its signature handbag design is simple and exquisite, deeply loved by the fashion world and boutique collectors. However, every woman knows that with the passage of time and fashion changes, some handbags are no longer suitable for their own style or use, at this time, selling or recycling handbags has become an option. This article will discuss the discount rate of Bulgari bag recycling and where is it reliable to recycle famous brand bags?

Today, Wulun looks elegant in a Herm 猫 s orange dress, elegant in a white high-necked sweater and stylish in a pair of rice-white boots. Finally, she was carrying a classic platinum bag and looked gorgeous. If you take a closer look, you can see that her clothes, handbags and shoes are all the same color, and the orange bag and coat complement each other. After all, it is a show of Herm 猫 s and should not be careless. Woollen is looking forward to wearing 100% clothes.

and trousers with dark blue handbag s, it will not be very beautiful. At this

The new autumn and winter 22 handbag may be another bag to be snatched quickly, the leather bag has been replaced by a velvet material with a more autumn and winter atmosphere, rhombic lines and CHANEL letter sequins adorn the package, and the sequins increase the gloss of the matte velvet bag. this black gold color 22 bag comes out of the street with an overcoat in autumn and winter, needless to say!

Bags are also essential. Without a handbag, it will be more empty to wear. The choice of bags can also echo the wear of this period. Clothes and shoes are white, and the choice of bags is white, of course. A set of strap design highlights the practicality of the bag, handle and body can be, a bag of dual-use is very practical. Makeup and hairstyle should also be decided according to clothes, remember that the premise of makeup is that makeup must be clean.

Tone matching if we wear pink clothes and trousers with dark blue handbags, it will not be very beautiful. At this time, we can choose the same color of simple atmosphere, such as beige bag. For example, I put out this picture, the female model is wearing a beige long coat, but with.

Gu Jia in the second look with LOUISVUITTON presbyopia handbag, this bag is very practical because of its large capacity, no matter what item will look very advanced. Gu Jia matches a simple black and white dress on her clothes, which makes her feel more skillful as a whole. For example, if some professionals have no experience in clothes, they can learn from the clothes of Tong Yao.

and trousers with dark blue handbag s, it will not be very beautiful. At this

Taizhou Gucci Little Bee watches are really sold in second-hand luxury stores, but the price difference between them is really great. The highest price of a second-hand bag is about 5200 yuan, but the lowest editor sees it about 2000 yuan. There is a difference of nearly 3000 yuan between the highest price and the lowest price, so what is the reason? Do you know the original price of this Taizhou Gucci Little Bee? Yes, 6000 yuan, but the second-hand price can still get 5200 yuan, that is, the bag owner can really get about 4680 yuan to recover the price, and if the second-hand price is about 2000 yuan, he can only get about 1800 yuan after all. The Taizhou Gucci Little Bee handbag, which can be recovered to 4680 yuan, is actually a second-hand quasi-new product, that is, a bag that has never been used before. Would you be surprised that it can recover a 22% discount on the original price?

LOULOU handbags range from small shoulder bags to oversized bags, which can meet the needs of different height! The soft but square structure is quite durable, with front flip closed and quilted V-shaped finishes, with magnetic buckle fixed flip, making the whole body look quite cute. The front of the bag is decorated with the classic YSL logo, which is simple and neat, while the inside is decorated with a leather logo patch and two compartment zipper pockets, which can well collect and distinguish between personal belongings.

Two days ago, Sun Li also posted a photo of Duomei modeling another handbag made by her mother. In the photo, Duomei is wearing sunglasses and a sunshade hat, wearing a white shirt skirt and carrying a handbag made by her mother. She is dressed in a fresh and fashionable literary style.

Please put away your satchel and business bag. The exquisite tight cheongsam will make the bulky bag bulky. Compared to, irrelevant and irrelevant. Xiao Qiaoling. Long retro style Kun bag, handbag is a good choice. Also pay attention to the color of the bag, as long as the color of the bag is in harmony with the color of the cheongsam. Black, white and gray are ten thousand. Can color, no matter how gaudy color cheongsam, can be easily matched. These three-color bags are used to match cold-tone cheongsam, especially outstanding. Camel, brown, brown bags, more suitable for matching warm colors of cheongsam, such as yellow cheongsam, orange cheongsam, etc., will leave a gorgeous and mature impression.

and trousers with dark blue handbag s, it will not be very beautiful. At this

Clothes and shoes are simple in style, so it is best not to choose bags that are too complex to design, as it is easy to drown guests and divert attention from clothes to bags, thus breaking the principle of matching clothes. A gray and white handbag, simple in style, clean and elegant, goes well with the style of the clothes.

The design of this simple handbag is based on the Coach single product of the 1980s. it has a compact body and an iconic lock fastener on the top zipper. The bag as a whole is very simple, but there is a sense of design everywhere! Suitable for holding a bag under your armpit or holding a bag in hand.