The upper layer places bath towel s, towels, sundries, etc., and there is room at

The upper layer places bath towel s, towels, sundries, etc., and there is room at

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Dip soapy water or detergent with a towel or sponge and scrub every corner of the dashboard. It should be noted that before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with a special textile cleaner for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a towel after the dust is dissolved.

Therefore, sisters must prepare things for their baby in advance and wash them clean and ready for use: milk powder, milk bottles, two clean quilts, ten sets of cotton clothes, diapers, sweat towels, saliva towels, paper towels, diaper pads and other things to use. The mother-to-be should prepare two sets of pure cotton clothes, puerperal sanitary napkins, thermal cups, warm slippers and so on.

Method one: play games with your children. Playing and playing are the nature of children, and the integration of some fire prevention knowledge into the game will often have unexpected results. Parents can practice escape with their children, teach them how to bend over, cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, and simulate fire alarm with their children. Remember not to call the “119” fire alarm number directly.)

The mother can ask the baby to help with the things. For example, to prepare things before taking a bath, soap, towels, slippers, combs, clothes and so on, the baby often takes only one kind at a time.

The upper layer places bath towel s, towels, sundries, etc., and there is room at

Comrade Shen Jiashan, secretary of the party leading group and director of the bureau, carefully arranged for the units, enterprises and caring people who came to pay their respects, and sent rain shoes, towels, toothpaste toothbrushes, eight treasures porridge, mineral water and watermelons and other sympathy materials to the officers and soldiers. They deployed capable forces, made every effort to provide accommodation and food support for officers and men, and prepared cool mung bean soup for relieving heat and medicine for preventing heat stroke to be sent to the scene of flood fighting and rescue, which was praised by the officers and men of the army.

After the beginning of school, we established daily routine, game routine and activity routine. Train young children to develop good behavior habits. In order to cultivate the aggressiveness of young children, our class also let young children take turns to hang towels on duty, and the children all rushed to hang them, which made them develop the habit of diligence. Not only in the garden, but also at home, many children changed their lazy habits and picked up their toys by themselves. The children told their parents at home about the situation and work of being on duty in the garden with great interest. The parents all said that our activity of being on duty was very good.

“you have not only all kinds of toiletries, but also new towels and bath towels, even my size of camouflage clothes, and now the seasoning for stew, can you come up with more things that shock me?”

After a while, as soon as the child cried, he opened his mind and fed it. Chi Sisi washed his face in the morning, and as soon as the towel was taken off, he saw a piece of milk from the white flower, gnawed by the little doll, and smashed it with fragrance.

As soon as I enter the classroom every day, the first thing is to open the window for ventilation, do a good job in the disinfection of towels and cups, and all kinds of sanitary work. In peacetime, in order to let children develop good living habits, when washing, they can watch the order in time, pay attention to the safety of children, and give them the correct method of hand washing, even if it is cold, let children insist on washing their hands before and after meals. At lunchtime, let the children do not speak, quietly and happily eat their own meal, so that not picky food, partial food, for picky eating children, give guidance, gradually train children to be good. Eating habits; in the siesta, I strictly require children to develop good siesta habits, train children to sleep in the correct position, sleep quietly; in pick-up, adhere to the separation of people and cards, conscientiously complete their duties, and serve the children wholeheartedly. The happiness of the children is the encouragement to my work, the satisfaction of the parents, and the affirmation of my work.

The upper layer places bath towel s, towels, sundries, etc., and there is room at

4?? The multi-functional storage rack is absolutely the artifact of the toilet. “different locations have different functions.” The upper layer places bath towels, towels, sundries, etc., and there is room at the bottom for dirty clothes baskets. The concentration and rational collection of daily necessities can well solve the embarrassing problem that we are looking for things everywhere.