2. Wipe with a towel . The ice on the

2. Wipe with a towel . The ice on the

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Recently, the reporter saw in the Shanghai Pharmacy Huaihai Store that from time to time, citizens came to buy relevant epidemic prevention products. According to merchants, the demand for all kinds of epidemic prevention products has increased in recent days, and drugstore retail masks, wash-free disinfectants and sterilized wet towels are all very popular. Ye Wei, director of Shanghai Pharmacy Huaihai Store, told reporters that the supply of drugstores is quite abundant, and Shanghai pharmacies can guarantee the supply of citizens. For the convenience of the public, the drugstore has also prepared two kinds of epidemic prevention bags for the citizens. The large bags contain masks, alcohol disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and spray, and the small bags are easy to carry, and there are wet towels, no-washing liquid and masks. The price of the small bag is also relatively cheap, about 20 yuan each, and the big one is slightly more expensive, 50 or 60 yuan.

1, need to heat the car, and then turn on the warm air in the car, the frost will all turn into water droplets, and you can use the car normally by simply cleaning it with a wiper; 2. Wipe with a towel. The ice on the front windshield has melted after exposure to the sun in the morning. At this time, you only need to take out a towel and wipe it to become very clean. 3. Use a deicing shovel to remove all the ice. 4. Wet the ice with warm water. If the ice on the front windshield is very stubborn, you can use hot water. Under the high temperature of hot water, the ice on the front windshield will melt as soon as possible.

2. Wipe with a towel . The ice on the

The main items provided to the mother in the standard bag are as follows: comfort pants / mattress / breast milk preservation bag / disposable underwear / wet toilet paper / disposable toilet mat / disposable bath towel / nursing toothbrush / month cap / anti-overflow breast pad / straw.

At that time in the hospital, I also helped several patients, often helping the old lady in the next bed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and the woman who operated on appendicitis to help her walk down the field. help her with towels, help the elderly down the elevator building, buy breakfast for nurses, bring food to the families of patients next door before discharge, and deliver books to old ladies who love reading in hospital. In fact, what I have done is within my power, and it is also because a lot of people around me have helped me, so I have to help others.

At 3:00 in the afternoon, the fire alarm sounded and the teaching staff of the whole park quickly arrived at their posts. All the children covered their mouth and nose with towels and evacuated to a safe area in an orderly manner in accordance with the designated route. The teacher of each class counts and reports the number of children to ensure that no one is missing.

Supporting services: many hotels have gyms and swimming pools. During the use of the hotel, the service staff will provide the guests with free fruits, hot tea, mineral water and towels to replenish their physical strength.

In addition, biodegradable plastic bags are mainly used at home, and my mother often takes some supermarket shopping bags to hold garbage, and some good ones will wash them clean and dry them for next time. When we are at home, our mother will tell us to use as much towels or handkerchiefs as possible, and less disposable paper towels or napkins. In some supermarkets, the reverse side of the receipt that can still be written can be used as draft paper.